Logos & Branding


A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon. It should be simple, meaningful, memorable and translate across all media.


Whilst a logo is often seen as representing a company, it is the brand that conveys the corporate image as a whole. Everything emotionally perceived about the company or product forms part of the brand, and brand guidelines ensure the same message is always applied.

DD-logosThree linked logos for a group of restaurants in Winchester, plus an umbrella version.

Distinct-Dining-advertThe logos are part of the brand seen on all the publicity material.

Phoenix-Auto-Services-logoA new logo designed for a local garage.

Phoenix-summer-flyer-frontThrough discussion and an iterative process, the brand developed as seen here and on their website and Facebook presence.

Vanessa-Blain-logoOne of several initial design proposals for this Garden Designer, to be developed into the form seen on the right…

Vanessa-Blain-publicityThrough discussion and an iterative process, the brand developed as seen here and on the website and Facebook..

Designed for social services, this logo offers a simple solution. The two joined figures could well be used separately as a graphic as well.

HIN3-600pxThe opposite of simple, this device was required to specifically represent the many faiths the comprise the network.

Though complex, the overall appearance is one of belonging and ‘oneness’, but also manages to appear authoritative.

Opal-600pxAnother social services initiative, this logo employs a simple concept with sympathetic colours. Its values are safety, support and warmth.

WNO-600pxA bit non-PC, this logo is aimed at young office workers who want to let their hair down! It forms part of Hampshire’s Octoberfest.

Arrant-Land-logo-600pxAgain, an articulate client who knew very much the feel he wanted his company to convey (see testimonials).

A deceptively simple device, will appeal to lovers of The Bridge.

Finance-Hub-logo-600pxAimed at young savers, this logo has to be serious to a degree, but engaging too.

Our hand-drawn illustration obviates the need to resort to clip-art!

Love-2-Learn-600pxTwo devices for the price of one! The well-known ‘love’ heart, and the ‘L’ plate combine beautifully here.

Malcolm-Padgett-logo-finalA complex service on offer required an abstract solution. The device suggests the service is a movement from the the complex to a coherent single solution.

Corporate and contemporary.